Last call for drinks. The party is almost over. And boy what shindig 2012 has been.

Amped, freshly waxed, feeling good and ready to bust out some moves, groups of partygoers rocked on through the Pitstop Hill doors week after week. Some looking to relax, others looking to rage but whether they say it or not, all were looking to pick up and ride some beauties (and donʼt even get me started on the protection puns).


In October and November, the odds were outstanding. The crowds had gone and every one was scoring. With light winds, empty line ups and mind blowing tubes almost every day, Bankvaults was unstoppable. Sure it wasnʼt macking but true to its name, even the 4-5fters were keeping guys (and myself) in check. And it wasnʼt just BVs turning it up and pumping; shapely numbers at Rifles, Hideaways and the super rippable walls of low season Burgerworld were coming to the party.


We mustʼve been having one hell of a time because before we knew it, the season had wound up. The volume had been turned down, the lights were on and it was time to go home. Someone call the Air Asia taxi.


So here I am sitting poolside in Bali writing this on my way home. The Mentawai Islands are now empty and echoing from the hoots of ecstatic surfers but all I seem to be hearing are the echoes of Gangnam Style and the screams of drunk Aussie school leavers. Itʼs only been a week but I already canʼt wait for next season to start.

Now if you donʼt mind, Iʼve got to go… This lovely gentleman in a Sarong is trying to hand me my club sandwich and banana smoothie.

Terima Kasih from all the crew at Pitstop Hill. Thanks for watching, have a great Christmas and see you all next year!