The media spotlights have been switched off, the fans were lured away by the Hawaiian winter’s battle for the world title and the Mentawai stadium has been practically empty for months.


But there’s still a buzz here. Despite difficult low pressure systems pounding the region  with rain and persistent NW winds, reports from friends who stayed behind over the December and January period say it was empty and pumping. As it turns out, some of the Mentawai’s key players have been training hard in the shadows all off-season.


Rifles has been practicing its sprints and easily outrunning most of its opponents. Bankvaults is beefing up and has been laying down some big hits, already sidelining victims and breaking boards. Even Ebay has been throwing some punches. 
The ever consistent Nipussi has been working hard day in day out and Burger World has been testing peoples endurance with its long distance runs. And it’s not just the big names –  we’ve been scouting and some of the lesser known waves have also been showing talent.


If February’s pre-season form is anything to go by, players wanting to run onto the field in 2013 had better bring their ‘A’ game because as you’re about to see, the starting line-ups for the Mentawai 2013 season are already looking the goods.